Monday, December 31, 2007

What a year it's been!

Indeed, it's been a great 2007, and the best gift of all - to so many people - has indeed been our Isabel.

She's had a busy end to the year, with a number of milestones achieved. First was her very first flight ('flights' would be more accurate actually!) traveling around the world to Seattle, USA.

Then came Isabel's first Deepavali. It was a special one for the family, and we took the opportunity to capture four generations of mothers and daughters in this very special photograph:

And finally, the close of the year has seen a truly special Christmas, and a good excuse to doll up the house with our Christmas tree, a new Nativity set, and even Isabel's very own Christmas stocking:

Here's to a fantastic 2008. Happy New Year everybody!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

See how she's grown...

Isabel is 5 months today... and in the past weeks she's been showing us how good she is at turning over and slowly turning back. This moved on to slowly trying to sit-up the moment she grabs a hold of our fingers / hands. And from there even trying to stand up and entertain us with a bit of a jig!

One thing is for sure, she loves to talk (right now limited to extended renditions of ooooos and aaaaaas). And boy she loves the camera!

And guess what? Isabel is in 2D as well.
Now she can get on The Simpsons!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Isabel's baptism on May 20th, 2007

After more than a month, Papa finally got his act together, sat down late this Saturday evening (early Sunday morning now) and finally, FINALLY updated Isabel's blog.

Don't blame Papa though, because it's his darling daughter that's been keeping him busy, busy, busy these days! But first, some pictures from Isabel's baptism on Sunday, 20th May at the Church of The Assumption in Petaling Jaya:

:: click picture to enlarge ::

Isabel was baptised by Rev. Fr. Philip Muthu, and her godparents were Papa's sister Gemma and Papa's cousin Jude. Lunch followed the baptism, and Isabel was ooh-ed and aah-ed upon once again by everyone from Papa's and Amma's families, and our closest and dearest friends.

The booties and mittens on her cake were made from Royal icing, and is currently in our fridge at home, probably to be brought out at some auspicious and important occasion in Isabel's life in the years to come.

Papa has also saved a bottle from the White Zinfandel wine served at her baptism lunch, where we all raised our glasses in celebration to our darling Isabel.

:: click picture to enlarge ::

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Week 6: Sometimes she's good, sometimes she's better

Isabel has gone aerodynamic!

... and at 6 weeks there are times when she is good, and at other times she's better.

Notwithstanding the many sleepless (for Amma and Papa) and restless (for Isabel) nights, she has grown into a quite attentive baby, and there's nothing she likes better than getting strapped into her car seat and whisked off for a nice drive.

The past 40-odd days have truly been quite something for us all, who've truly been blest by her arrival.

... which has given us perfect excuses to dress-up and have a good get-together, as we did during her 31st day:

... and once again for Isabel's baptism this Sunday (if you're reading this, you're invited):

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 21: The cuddler cometh

Sometimes she needs a feed. Sometimes she needs a change. Once in a while she just wants to play and a story.

But most of the time though she just wants a cuddle. Papa only wisened up to this a few nights ago, and now the its full swing on the cuddle mode after every feed / change / play / story.

Papa: Isabel, aren't you tired darling?
Isabel: (Eyes wide open, looking around)
Papa: You're not tired? Papa is tired, and Amma is asleep...
Isabel: (Eyes wide open, mittens pawing Papa's face)
Papa: Isabel, why don't you sleep. Sleeping is nice, Isabel...
Isabel: (Looks at Papa, eyes still wide open)
Papa: Sleep Isabel... sleep...
Isabel: (Eyes closing, thinks "I think I'll give this poor man a break...")

Friday, April 20, 2007

Day 16: Isabel is a nightbird!

It's very difficult to think of Isabel as anything other than a quiet, restful baby when you see most of her photographs, or even if you visit during the day, and in the early parts of the evening.

But come 11pm, she is up and rearing to go, giving her very unfit Papa some important lessons in endurance and stamina, which often lasts till the early parts of the morning.

Isabel has also managed to convince her very gullible parents into allowing her into their bed, which usually results in a few hours of restful slumber for her, and more importantly for Amma and Papa as well. In those early hours - even through very sleepy eyes - we are reminded of exactly how much she means to us...

:: click picture to enlarge ::

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day 10: Isabel loves the sun

Isabel had a slight tinge of jaundice which only needed monitoring by Amma from home. Every morning, she gets her 30 mins in the morning sun, and boy does she love it.

:: click picture to enlarge ::

Saturday April 14th was the Tamil New Year, and our little princess spent the day dressed in a jade green dress, handmade from Sri Lanka. She does seem to enjoy the airy freedom of loose dresses, and often kicks off her cloth swaddle and sometimes even her booties when she feels like it.

'Isabel in green' was taken during the Saturday afternoon rain shower when she seemed to be in full swing of her trademark expressive mood.

:: click picture to enlarge ::

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

... and baby makes three

"A child is the only chance we get in life to assist God in a miracle..."

Say hello to our lovely daughter Isabel Aria Joachim, born at 5:30pm on Thursday, April 5th 2007.

We liked to have thought that we prepared adequately enough for her birth, both in terms of logistics as well as from a mental standpoint, from speaking to new parents, to reading about babies and parenting, to speculating between ourselves how she might turn out to be, or what we might experience when we see her.

But there is nothing, absolutely nothing that could have prepared us for exactly how much joy and excitement she brought to us both and to our families, both at the time and day of her birth, and in these first few days of having her with us.

Isabel is the first grandchild on both her mother's and her father's families, and you can only imagine what joy she has brought to her uncles, aunts, grandmother, grandfather and great-grandmother, as well as a host of uncles, aunts and cousins in our extended family.

Isabel means "an oath from God (Hebrew)", whilst Aria is a classical Sanskit name (also popular Italian and Portuguese name), meaning , "prayer" (Sanskit), "song" (Greek) or "lion" (Hebrew); an aria is also said to be the most melodic, most expressive piece in an opera, usually performed by the lead soprano. We both liked the name the moment we thought of it in the months before she was born.

Isabel is an Aries, and individuals born under this sign are thought to have a confident, aggressive, energetic, active, adventurous, enthusiastic, fair, passionate, and pioneering character. Physically they are said to be tall in stature and athletic in appearance.

She is also born in the lunar year of the Fire Pig, said to be honest, straightforward and patient people, who are modest characters who prefer to work diligently behind the scenes.

We just say what will be, will be...

Isabel shares the same birthday as Thomas Hobbes (philosopher, b. 1588), Joseph Lister (English surgeon, b. 1827), Bette Davis (actress, b. 1908), Gregory Peck (actor, b. 1916), Arthur Hailey (writer, b. 1920), Colin Powell (former US State Secretary, b. 1937), Fernando Morientes and Simone Inzaghi (footballers, both b. 1976), among others.

Our thanks to for all your congratulations, SMSes, cards, gifts and flowers and best wishes. Here's an excerpt from one of our favourites:

A new dawn arrives to break the monotony of everyday life with the gift of a daughter.
This will be a reason for you to hurry home to the giggles and grins of a toothless charmer. She will grab at your finger or a strand of your hair to tell you that she is here to stay.
Here's wishing you an endless celebration that only a daughter can bring...

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Dear Isabel

Hi Darling! This is Amma and Papa writing you our first letter, which is the first post on your all-new blog. By the time you are born we will be writing stories about you, taking your photographs and putting it up here, maybe even videos on you up here, so everyone from anywhere in the world can read all about you.

We are really excited about your arrival, and while Amma is busy carrying you around everywhere she goes, Papa is here playing with his cameras and the computer, trying to get this blog ready. Do you like how it looks? Amma picked the picture of the teddy bear and mouse, and we think it's very cute. Look at how the teddy bear is writing, and the mouse is reading.

We're sure you're have a nice time resting inside Amma's belly. We hope you like the music we're playing for you, and the stories Papa tells you every night. Soon, you will hear, see, touch, feel and smell everything, just as Amma and Papa do.

See you soon darling. We love you... :)